Saturday, 4 January 2014


Michael Portillo is off yet again on one of his splendid series of Great British Railway Journeys.

BBC 2 TV 6.30pm from 6th January onwards. Series 5 programmes 1-20.

On the 6th he starts with a journey from Manchester and runs as follows

6th    Manchester - Birkenhead
7th    Southport - Leyland
8th    Preston - Rochdale
9th    Haworth - Huddersfield
10th  Honley - Chesterfield

Whatever one may think of him otherwise, as a presenter and avid promoter of the railways, he in my ‘umble opinion, is second to none. His style of delivery and the way he gets the best out of people interviewed is excellent, even though his dress sense might not be! And he is not averse to taking the rise out of himself.
Throughout the previous series, be they home or abroad, they have taught me an awful lot about many subjects, over and above the railways.

Regrettably railway images to illustrate this journey are few and far between with the Focus Transport team. However, an alternative set of bus images follow from almost all the locations along the way.

Tony Wilson

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