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Ken Jones has been on his travels again, visiting more private light railways.

The Moseley Railway Trust 
Located at Apedale in Staffordshire The Moseley Railway Trust has an historic collection of industrial narrow gauge locomotives and artefacts.It became established in 2006 at Apedale but can trace its roots back to 1969 as a railway society at Moselely Hall Grammar School for boys in Cheadle Cheshire. It has 4 steam locomotives and numerous narrow gauge diesels.
Picture 1 below This is Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd 0-6-0WT + TOC known as "Joffre" or "Decauville" class locomotive and was built in 1916. It was ordered by the French Commission for their artillery railways and was delivered new to Nantes. Kerr Stuart built 70 of these locomotives of this type in Stoke on Trent. It was repatriated to the UK in 1974. Following a chequered history in preservation it joined the Moseley collection in 1998 and restoration was completed in 2011. A problem with a cylinder has seen it out of use for much of the last 2 years and a new cylinder has been cast.
Picture 2 below This is Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd 0-4-0STOC known as "Tattoo" class and date from 1917. Used by civil engineers / contractors Holloway Brothers up until 1930 when it was bought by Durham County Water Board for use on the Burnhope Reservoir contract. Six "Tattoo" locomotives were used on this project and all were given names after local villages such as Stanhope, which the locomotive has carried ever since. In the 1990s the locomotive was in parts and these were sold separately to various bodies. In 1999 they had all been reunited and restoration completed. It moved to Apedale in 2010. Behind the locomotive is the large War Department Light Railways water tank wagon, used originally to supply water to front line positions in WW1

Apedale Valley Light Railway
This is a 2 ft gauge line in the Apedale Valley Country Park at Chesterton in Staffordshire, next to the Apedale Heritage Centre and the Moseley Railway Collection whose locomotives and stock are used on the short running line.
Picture 1 below is Hudson Brakevan NGB 8502 [works number 200870059]. This brakevan and two similar ones were built by Hudson Raletrux [immediate successors to Robert Hudson Ltd] at their Ilkeston works in 1991 for the British army's Chilmark ordnance depot in Wilshire. it is likely that this was one of the last carriages built under the Hudson brand in the UK.
Picture 2 below is Baguley Drewry 4WDH of 1982. It has Brockhouse transmission - no clutch or gears. It was built as a 30 inch gauge locomotive for the RN armament depot at Trecwmn in South Wales. It entered preservation in 2009 and was regauged at the Statfold Barn Railway and arrived at Apedale in 2010.

The Shipley Glen Tramway [West Yorkshire]
The Tramway has a gauge of 20" and there are two tracks with a tramcar on each line. The maximum gradient is 1 in 7. Opened to the public on May 18th 1895, the Tramway was powered by a Suction Gas Engine, then Town Gas and then Oil (1915) before being converted to electric in 1928. The operator was a Sam Wilson who erected several other rides on the Glen.
After a short closure, the line reopened in summer 1969 and continued until early 1981 when a right-of-way dispute prevented operations. The Tramway was saved by members of the Bradford Trolleybus Association with the financial assistance of Bradford Council. Operation then continued under the stewardship of Mick Leak, and his family and volunteer supporters.
Today it is under the care of the Trustees of the limited preservation company and is staffed solely by volunteers.
The two pictures show the new trams which date from 2011. There is a small museum at the bottom of the tramway.
Above The blue tram in service
and below 
the red tram at the bottom station


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